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Medical School alumni have a unique bond with their classmates and their medical school. The University’s Medical Alumni Society (MAS) keeps alumni connected through special programs and events, while also supporting medical students. 

Whether volunteering as a mentor or making a gift, alumni can make a difference and help aspiring future doctors achieve their dreams.

At the University of Minnesota, we believe that with your support anything is possible. Medical discoveries can transform lives and create a healthier future. The Minnesota Medical Foundation, home to the Medical Alumni Society, manages and raises private gifts to advance health and medical research, education, and care at the University of Minnesota.


Visit the University of Minnesota Foundation to:

  • Support Medical School education and research
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  • See your gifts in action

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  • Alumni events and class reunions
  • Alumni awards
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  • Medical Alumni Society
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Alumni/Donor Profile

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Thomas Crowley, M.D., delves into risky behavior--and avalanche safety. Read more

Medical Bulletin

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The Medical School's award-winning magazine, Medical Bulletin, is published twice a year by the University of Minnesota Foundation.


In this issue


Taking the lead: The Medical School's new dean, Brooks Jackson, M.D., M.B.A., brings a depth of experience to the most wide-ranging role of his career.

From horses to humans: College of Veterinary Medicine researchers are finding that some equine conditions are remarkably similar to diseases in humans. Now they're collaborating with Medical School faculty to gain insights likely to improve the health of both species.

Lifeline : Blood gathered from the placenta and umbilical cord after childbirth holds potential for treating deadly and debilitating diseases. And as more centers collect and bank this valuable blood, the U is at the forefront of developing its promise.

Teaching the art of healing: A popular course at the Medical School, Duluth campus focuses on the intangible, human side of medicine.

Special content online only: Find all of this content and more online -- including video, audio, and other multimedia features.

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