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 Medical School Administrative Centers Human Resource Offices

Anesthesiology, Lab Medicine & Pathology, Radiology, Therapeutic Radiology


OB/GYN, Pediatrics

HR Manager:
Moyya Randall
phone: 612.625.3682

Payroll Manager:
Kirk Skogen
phone: 612.625.3954


Operations Director:
Lavon Anderson

phone: 612.624.1048

HR Generalists
Deb Slavin

phone: 612.626.6910 

Mary Hartman
phone: 612.625.4681

HR Generalist & Website manager:

Jill Hodsdon
phone: 612.626-5655



Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, ENT/Otolaryngology

HR Manager:
Cindy Livon-Shragg

phone: 612.626.0129

HR Generalist:
Cinda Kornblum
phone: 612.626.2515

Payroll Coordinator:
Maria Purvey
phone: 612.625.0446

Faculty Recruitment Coordinator:
Michon Peterson

phone: 612.626.0483


HR Manager:
Joy Wise Davis
phone: 612.625.4837

HR Generalists:
Kathleen Cotterman
phone: 612.625.8763

Kathleen Olakunle
phone: 612.625.5982

Payroll Manager:
Kirk Skogen
phone: 612.625.3954

Family Medicine,  Ophthalmology, Dermatology


Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, Genetics, Cell Biology & Development

HR Manager:
Carolyn Karasch
phone: 612.624.3701

HR Generalist:
Christina Steere
phone: 612.624.0117  

HR Generalist:
Gayle Peters
phone: 612.624.7646


HR Manager:
Bev Retzlaff

Phone: 612.625.4440 

HR Generalists:
Nancy Hasse (BMBB)
phone: 612.624.9262

Laurie O'Neill
phone: 612.625.8471 

Clinical Neuroscience Center, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehab


Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Integrative Biology & Physiology

HR Manager
Deb Melander
phone: 612.625.0667

HR Generalists:
Maren Peterson

Elsa Stork
phone: 612.625.6110


HR Manager
Colleen O'Neill

phone: 612.624.2468

HR Generalists:
LeAnn Olson (Neuroscience)
phone: 612.626.6740

Megan Haspert (Pharm/IBP)
phone: 612.625.3687

Amy Ram (Microbiology)
phone: 612.625.8628

Medical School Administration

HR Generalist:
Stacey Samson
phone: 612.625.9955

HR Consultant:
Michele Morrissey
phone: 612.625.6766



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