Performance Management

Annual Performance Appraisals for CY 2012

The Medical School is beginning the 2012 calendar year annual performance appraisal process for Civil Service and Labor Represented employees in January, 2013. Please check with your department HR representative when the P&A staff appraisal process will begin.

The performance appraisal is an important step in employee development and retention. It provides an opportunity to recognize an individual’s achievements, discuss areas for improvement, align expectations, establish priorities, and assist in enhancing two-way feedback between employees and supervisors.

100 percent completion remains our goal as we kick off our calendar year 2012 performance evaluation process. We hope to build on last year’s success by focusing on the quality of our reviews to ensure that they accurately and thoughtfully describe staff performance and accomplishments.

GENERAL Timeline

• Employees completes self-evaluation in January 2013
• Supervisors completes supervisor assessment in February 2013
• HR will review appraisals for quality
• Performance appraisal meetings between employee and supervisor will be held in late February/early March
• All appraisals to be completed by the end of  March 2013
*Watch for specific direction from your department HR representative or your supervisor.

Helpful Resources

Medical School PAT Process Flow Chart for Civil Service & Labor Represented Performance Appraisals
Medical School PAT Rating Job Aid
Medical School PAT Department Contacts

"How to Prepare Accurate Performance Appraisals"  (For Supervisors)
This presentation was given by Corey Bonnema, Coordinator of Supervisory Development in the Organizational Effectiveness division of the Office of Human Resources.
In this presentation, you learn steps you can take to improve the accuracy of performance appraisals which include:

  • Routinely giving informal feedback
  • Focusing more time and effort on written comments
  • Using performance levels and ratings correctly 

Organizational Effectiveness, within the Office of Human Resources has created an online training course titled, "Preparing Performance Reviews: Tips for Managers."  This tool provides additional information on how to improve the quality and accuracy of performance reviews.  You can access this course on here. (course link is on right side of page under New Online Course Available!)

"Tips for Employees on Preparing Self-Evaluations" .ppt (For Employees)
This presentation was given by Bev Backer, Personnel Specialist in the A.L.R.T. Center and was focused on assisting employees preparing for their performance appraisals.
To access online presentation, please click here.

**Please note that the information available on this site is general information to be communicated to Medical School centers and departments.  Please check with your HR representative for your center's/department's specific timelines, process flow charts, and other resources available.

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