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The Stem Cell Biology Training Program provides support for pre-doctoral training in stem cell biology, clinical applications of stem cells and the ethical issues related to stem cell research. The goal of the training program is to provide pre-doctoral trainees with the essential tools to enable successful careers. To accomplish this goal, the program provides coursework and hands-on training that will train students to make advancements in the basic biological study of stem cells and to develop new stem cell-based clinical therapies.

Interdisciplinary in scope, the training program brings together highly qualified faculty from within the Stem Cell Institute, a state-of-the-art biomedical research environment that is ideally suited for training young research scientists, as well as other investigators at the university with complementary expertise.

Trainees in this program are required to complete graduate-level courses in stem cell biology, engage in a mentored research project, and participate in educational activities offered by the Stem Cell Institute. 




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