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The Medical School's education program is refocusing to ensure the next generation of physicians are prepared to practice medicine in the 21st century.

Expectations have changed, medical knowledge is expanding greatly, and we've learned much about how learners acquire knowledge.

Our curriculum is addressing those changes by focusing education on developing graduates who are highly professional, ethical, and curious. They approach health problems with a focus on the patients themselves, informed by the ever-expanding literature in the health sciences. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are prepared for the remainder of their training as residents in whatever type of practice or specialty they choose.

The new curriculum focuses on applying the science our students learn to the clinical problems of patients from the very start of their training. This increases their clinical skills training early in the program and enhances their understanding of medical problems and health care within the context of their community.

In addition, our Duluth program is adding experiences with rural primary care physicians throughout the first two years. 

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