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M. Susie Nanney, PhD, MS

FAMMED Rsrch Faculty Nanney Susie


Associate Professor


Program in Health Disparities Research


Obesity prevention in community settings, nutrition policy


MS, Eastern Kentucky University
PhD, Saint Louis University

Bio Summary

Nanney received her bachelor’s of science degree in nutrition and dietetics from Southeast Missouri State University; her MS in community nutrition from Eastern Kentucky University; and an MPH emphasizing behavioral science and a PhD in public health research from Saint Louis University. She has been active in community efforts to promote healthy lifestyles by serving on boards for hunger relief and school wellness. Nanney is also an RD.

Contact Information

717 Delaware St SE, Ste 166
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Current Grants

2013-17, NIH/NHLBI, PI, "Improving High School Breakfast Environments"

2011-16, NICHHD, PI, "Evaluating Impacts of School Policies on Student Diet and Activity Behaviors and Obesity"

2013-14, NIH/NHLBI, co-investigator, "Sib-Works"

2013-14, University of MN Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute, co-PI, “Measuring Food Quality in the Emergency Food Shelf System”

2012-14, USDA, co-investigator, "Creating the University of Minnesota Child and Adolescent Obesity Training Center"

2009-14, NIH/NHLBI, co-PI, “Evaluating Innovative Weight Reduction Strategies for College Students”

Recent Publications

Kite HA, Gollust SE, Callanan RA, Weisman SR, Benning SJ, Nanney MS. Uses of research evidence in the state legislative process to promote active environments in Minnesota. Am J Health Promot. 2014;28(3):S44-S46.

Nanney MS, Davey CS, Kubik MY. Rural disparities in the distribution policies that support healthy eating in U.S. secondary schools. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2013;113(8):1062-8.

Nanney MS, Glatt C. Exploring implementation of the 2010 Institute of Medicine's Child and Adult Food Care Program recommendations for after-school snacks. Public Health Nutr. 2011;Nov 4:1-7.

Nanney MS, Olaleye TM, Wang Q, Motyka E, Klund-Schubert J. A pilot study to expand the school breakfast program in one middle school. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 2011;1(3):436-42.

Fisher E, Fitzgibbons M, Glasgow R, Hair-Joshu K, Hayes L, Kaplan R, Nanney MS, Okeene J. Behavior matters. Am J Prev Med. 2011;40(5):e15-30.




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