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Sexual Offender Treatment

The Center for Sexual Health provides comprehensive evaluations and treatment for men and women involved in harmful sexual behavior. We are committed to a treatment model that deals sensitively with the issues involved.

You do not need to be court-ordered to get treatment. Many clients come in voluntarily.

The Center for Sexual Health is internationally recognized for our research-based approach to treatment for sexual offenders. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive training and experience.

The offending behaviors we treat include:

  • Pedophilia
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeurism
  • Child molestation
  • Incest
  • Obscene phone calls
  • Rape
  • Internet-related sexual offenses

Our intensive treatment program is designed to help you eliminate sex offending behaviors. You will:

  • Learn what behaviors led up to your offending
  • Learn what triggers your offending, and ways to avoid risky situations
  • Gain support from those with similar issues
  • Learn better ways to deal with everyday stressful situations
  • Develop a maintenance plan for sustaining your new coping skills

Our sex offender treatment program is an intensive course of therapy, lasting up to three years. After being accepted into the program, you must attend:

  • Weekly group therapy sessions led by male and female co-therapists
  • Individual therapy sessions twice each month
  • Quarterly progress update sessions, which include probation officers or social workers as appropriate
  • Quarterly psychoeducational presentations covering various sexual health topics
  • Family therapy sessions when recommended by therapist

Partners’ Group

The partners of sexual offenders face a range of complicated feelings and issues related both to the offenders’ sexually inappropriate behavior and to the treatment process.

An integral part of our program is a group that offers partners social support, addresses their personal issues, and allows them to discuss their problems, confusions, and feelings. This group is important to our treatment program since behavior change is a process that involves the whole family, not just the individual offender.

After Care

Upon completion of intensive sexual offender treatment, individuals are required to participate in a monthly after care group. This group is designed to help you maintain the behavior changes made in intensive treatment, to offer support for navigating the challenges of daily life, and to address ongoing issues, usually around relationships and communication.

Psychosexual and Other Forensic Evaluations

We provide evaluation services for a variety of forensic purposes. We work with the courts, county attorneys, probation departments, and defense attorneys to provide comprehensive sexual offender evaluations for:

  • Pre-sentence evaluations
  • Sexually violent persons or psychopathic personality commitments
  • Patterned sexual offender sentences
  • Other forensic situations in which a psychosexual evaluation is useful

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