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Find graduate medical education links and department contacts below.

Graduate Medical Education Administration

Family Medicine and Community Health

Learn more about family medicine residency programs and fellowships

Joseph Brocato, PhD
Graduate Medical Education Director
612-624-4464 broca003@umn.edu
Peter Cao
Medical Student Education Clerkships and Elective Courses Coordinator
612-624-0452 caoxx019@umn.edu
Paul Drapiewski
Graduate Medical Education Support Staff
612-624-2455 drapi001@umn.edu
Elizabeth McElligott
Curriculum Coordinator
612-625-0953 emcellig@umn.edu
Sheila McGinley
Fellowship Coordinator
612-625-0646 mcgin006@umn.edu
Laura Pham
Residency Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
612-626-0194 somm0104@umn.edu
Erik Solberg, MA, MEd
Education Specialist
612-626-3124 esolberg@umn.edu
Melissa Stevens
Senior Administrative Director of Medical Education
612-626-4490 steve139@umn.edu

Opthalmology and Visual Neurosciences

Learn more about opthalmology residency programs and fellowships

Lori van de Merwe
Graduate Medical Education Coordinator
612-625-4618 vanderme@umn.edu


Learn more about dermatology residency programs and fellowships

Falon Bochniak
Graduate Medical Education Coordinator
612-624-9964 boch0012@umn.edu
Jane Boyer
Medical Student Education Coordinator
612-626-4454 boyer009@umn.edu


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