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Joseph Brocato, PhD
Graduate Medical Education Director
612-624-4464 broca003@umn.edu
Peter Cao
Medical Student Education Clerkships and Elective Courses Coordinator
612-624-0452 caoxx019@umn.edu
Keith Carlson
Senior Administrative Director of Medical Education
612-626-2312 keith@umn.edu
Paul Drapiewski
Graduate Medical Education Support Staff
612-624-2455 drapi001@umn.edu
Elizabeth McElligott
Curriculum Coordinator
612-625-0953 emcellig@umn.edu
Sheila McGinley
Fellowship Coordinator
612-625-0646 mcgin006@umn.edu
Laura Pham
Residency Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
612-626-0194 somm0104@umn.edu
Erik Solberg, MA, MEd
Education Specialist
612-626-3124 esolberg@umn.edu
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Lori van de Merwe
Graduate Medical Education Coordinator
612-625-4618 vanderme@umn.edu
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Falon Bochniak
Graduate Medical Education Coordinator
612-624-9964 boch0012@umn.edu
Jane Boyer
Medical Student Education Coordinator
612-626-4454 boyer009@umn.edu


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