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At the University of Minnesota, we put a big focus on our smallest patients.

The University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital is Minnesota’s first and only academic pediatric hospital.

By operating at the intersection of clinical care, research and education, we're able to simultaneously create and deliver the latest innovations in pediatric medicine.

In fact, the pediatric experts with University of Minnesota Physicians often care for children no other health system can treat.

Our pediatric focus areas include:

  • Examining the impact of pediatric cancer treatments
  • Conducting new research into the development of diabetes to stop the disease in its tracks – offering hope to the 1 in 6 Minnesota children with diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Pediatric transplants that help children live longer, more normal lives
  • Searching for ways to combat childhood obesity and health disparities that exist among children

Here, our research is geared toward getting at the source of health problems, laying the groundwork for children to grow into healthy adults.


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Physicians have set the path to a cure for a boy’s skin disease by using a cord blood and blood and marrow transplant.


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Opening in 2011, University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital will be an ecologically friendly, 200+ bed, 227,000-square-foot facility that consolidates 50 pediatric specialties in one patient- and family-centered location.

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