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How do you educate new medical students in a way that keeps patients safe, but still provides the real-world training necessary to become an experienced health professional?

At the University of Minnesota, the answer comes from simulation technology.


The Medical School utilizes a mannequin with realistic anatomy and clinical functionality known as SimMan.

This interactive, technologically advanced mannequin uses specialized software to replicate a living patient. SimMan allows medical students to fine-tune their decision-making skills while training them in how patients respond to various clinical situations. 

Students learn the techniques and procedures they’ll need to treat patients – all without having a ‘real’ patient present. They’ll learn faster and better, with greater precision and accuracy.

Standardized patients

Standardized patients also contribute to the training and evaluation of health care professionals across our medical school. A standardized patient is a person who has been coached to accurately and consistently recreate the history, personality, physical findings, and emotional state of an actual patient.

Standardized patients provide a valuable opportunity for students to practice clinical skills in an environment that is both safe and supportive to the learning process. 


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Our Simulation Center provides opportunities for our students to develop their skills in a safe learning environment. The Center prepares them for future interactions with patients.


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Standardized patients provide a very valuable opportunity for health sciences students to practice clinical skills in an environment that is both safe and supportive to the learning process.

More Information

  • Dental Sim Clinic

    New technology in the Dental Simulation Clinic allows preclinical dental students to fine-tune their hand-eye coordination and  master procedures before treating patients.

  • Disaster 101 Workshop

    Disaster 101 is an immersive simulation workshop that is designed especially for health science students in Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, and Dentistry at the University of Minnesota.

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