Faculty resources

Faculty like Bruce Blazar and Brenda Weigel take advantage of research resources offered by the Medical School.
Medical School Faculty Resources -  University of Minnesota Medical School

Whether you’re teaching students or culturing cells in a lab, you need resources that help you find answers quickly. The Medical School offers a variety of tools to aid you in your development as a teacher, researcher, educational leader, and scholar.

Office of Faculty Affairs

From information on promotion and tenure to the latest Faculty Advisory Council meeting minutes, the Office of Faculty Affairs helps you find the information you need.

The office is committed to supporting faculty through oversight of appointments, promotion and tenure, and liaison with the Faculty Advisory Council. It also addresses aspects of faculty vitality such as mentoring and development.

Research Resources

Accelerate and expand your research by taking advantage of one of the many research resources at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

From research infrastructure support to the latest MRI technology, our resources will streamline your research to bring treatments from your lab directly to patients. In addition, learn about the many grant opportunities currently offered.

Educational Development Resources

Medical Educator Development and Scholarship helps faculty stay on top of the latest teaching and training strategies.

Attend workshops, learn about medical educational and clinical scholarship, get access to webinars, and more.

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