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The Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium connects bystander, prehospital and hospital initiatives to improve survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

A Member of the HeartRescue Project

The HeartRescue Project is a collaborative effort supported by the Medtronic Foundation to increase sudden cardiac arrest survival rates in the United States. The vision is for every American who suffers sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) to receive lifesaving, state-of-the-art care at the scene, en route and in the hospital.

Bystander Response

  • Partnering with existing groups and programs, the MRC will support awareness and training for CPR and AEDs
  • The Minnesota Survivors Network and AHA training groups will assist in leading this effort to train 10% of Minnesota residents
  • Emphasis on training in schools, workplaces and special events
  • Broadly and strategically placing AEDs, with program partnerships to assist in rapid locating and deployment

Prehospital Response

The MRC will work with EMS medical directors and EMA education sites to develop and implement:

  • Standardized guidelines for 911 dispatch assisted bystander CPR.
  • Decreased EMS response times to SCA
  • Improved quality of prehospital CPR with an evidence-based approach to quality of CPR and standardized practice throughout the state
  • Develop statewide protocols for cardiac arrest management and transport

Hospital Response

The MRC, with a team of experts from Minnesota hospitals, will work together to develop best practices that will:

  • Increase the percentage of SCA patients who receive hypothermia treatment in a level 1 resuscitation center, with a 24/7 team of specialized critical care decision-makers
  • Increase the percentage of SCA victims who receive rapid angioplasty
  • Increase the percentage of SCA survivors who receive implanted defibrillators

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