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The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul that are home to the University of Minnesota are a fantastic place to live, work and play and we are not the only people who think so:

  • Minneapolis tied for 1st place in the "Top 10 Most Literate U.S. Cities" by  LifeScience.

  • Minneapolis is ranked as a top city for bicyclists by Bicycling Magazine.

  • Forbes lists Minneapolis as FIRST among "Most affordable places to live well."

  • Minneapolis tops the Forbes list of America's safest cities.

  • The Twin Cities metropolitan area ranks consistently in the "top 10 "best places to live" by Money Magazine.


And now for the good stuff:

We asked our graduate students to send us their favorite web links for places, activities and events in the Twin Cities. Comments are from the students.

Here are two of their favorite overview sites:
Minneapolis-St.Paul: More To Life

365 Things To Do In The Twin Cities

Engage your palate

Al's Breakfast Such a classic it has its own Wikipedia entry.

Bryant Lake Bowl Great organic food, fun environment, bowling, theater and dance, summer and fall block parties.

The Russian Tea House Lunch only, but makes you forget about burgers.

The Thrifty Hipster This site can be used to find bars throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. It has site-generated reviews as well as user comments, and (most important to grad students) a search engine by which you can find all bars with drink specials any time on any day of the week.

Engage your ears
Local radio 

89.3 - The Current

90.3 - Radio Without Boundaries

770 AM - Radio K

Radio Heartland

97.1 - Cities 97

Local Music

Community Music

Taiko Drumming

Twin Cities Hip Hop

Favorite venues

331 Club Films, music, dance and classic burlesque, food and drink.

Bryant Lake Bowl Great organic food, fun environment, bowling, theater and dance, summer and fall block parties.

First Ave & the 7th St Entry Still one of the best spots in the country for live music.

Triple Rock Social Club Alternative, independent and punk music venue, great food for vegetarians, and bar.

Cultural celebrations

The Art Car Parade American loves its autos. These you have to see to believe.

Festival of Nations

GLBT Pride

Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival

Engage your eyes

Galleries in the Twin Cities

Move your body

Community Gardening Community gardens are vacant lots turned into gardens for those who live in the area.  Generally there is a 10-20 dollar commitment in the spring, and one volunteers for water duties once a month.  Depending on the size of the garden, a plot is allocated to you which you weed, tend, and harvest which ever plants you choose to grow.  I've had a plot for a year now, and am currently trying to get another, I like it so much.

Minnesota Cricket Association

Downhill Skiing and Off Road Biking.

Green Dragon Kung Fu Association.

Ice Skating When the weather is bad for skating on the city lakes, this spot in downtown Minneapolis is marvelous. Perfect place for skating plus a night on the town.

Lakeview Farm This is the stable where I keep my horse. They offer riding certification and leasing horses, so you do not need to own a horse to be around them. It is on over 80 acres of farm land which has been in the same family for 100 years plus. There are lots of trails to ride through and an open and welcoming horse community. It is in Hugo, which is a 45 minute drive from the cities.

Minnesota Frisbee Association (Ultimate, Disc Golf, Freestyle) There are lots of disc golf courses in the cities and surrounding communities. A very active Ultimate league has men's, womens & co-ed teams.

Twin Cities Polo Club


Indoor Rock Climbing


Tango Society of Minnesota Perfect for the beginner or experienced dancers.

Triathalon Club

Waterpark of America A perfect place to go on a cold winter day.

Wind Sports Enthusiasts

Engage your mind

Creative Writing

Community Theater

Community Pottery

Engage your spirit

Twin Cities Chinese Christian Church

MN National Guard I don't know if this is weird, but I am in the National Guard and reap many educational benefits that have helped me pay for rent and groceries while in graduate school (ie. ~$315 a month just for being enrolled in classes, in addition to drill pay; Federal Tuition Assistance; State Tuition Reimbursement, etc.).


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