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Michael G. Garwood

Dr. Michael Garwood Professor


1981 B.A. (Honors), Chemistry and Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
1985 Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California, Santa Cruz
1985-1986 Postdoc, Univ of California, Santa Cruz
1986-1987 Postdoc, Univ of Minnesota

Research Interests:

• To apply theoretical formalisms to describe the magnetic resonance phenomenon; in particular, the interaction between nuclear spins and a radiofrequency field having a variable amplitude and frequency in time.

• To exploit the unique properties of these frequency-modulated RF techniques to enhance sensitivity and data quality in MRI and MRS.

• To expose molecular properties of cancers using MRI and MRS, and to use these for making diagnoses and for evaluating and guiding cancer treatments, all non-invasively.


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