2022 MD Student Oaths

Twin Cities Student Oath

We, the University of Minnesota: Twin Cities Medical School Class of 2022, acknowledging the privilege to pursue the profession of medicine, each pledge the following:

I pledge to be present -- to listen actively, speak clearly and act compassionately. I will meet my patients where they are and foster a relationship rooted in empathy, trust, and shared humanity. I will empower my patients as champions of their own health, striving to heal their mind, body, and spirit.

To care for my patients, I must care for myself. Thus, I pledge to invest in my own well-being and happiness. I will humbly acknowledge my own limits and seek help when needed. I vow to hold myself accountable for my actions, even if it puts my own aspirations at risk.

I pledge to remain curious so that I may adapt to the changing field of medicine. I will not overreach my scope of practice in a way that would endanger those that entrust me with their care. I vow to share my knowledge and to always be both a student and a teacher for my patients.

I pledge to support the efforts of my healthcare team in recognition that the challenges we face are best overcome together. I will strive to learn and teach in a spirit of solidarity, acceptance, and belonging; and will endeavor to treat criticism and error as opportunities for growth

I acknowledge that the practice of medicine has historically marginalized certain communities and has perpetuated inequality. I pledge to contest this by continually addressing my own biases, using my privileges to promote equity in healthcare access, and respecting all forms of healing.

With this coat of loving kindness, we, the class of 2022, pledge to serve our patients, selves, peers, and communities with compassion, empathy, humility, and devotion.

Duluth Student Oath

We, the Class of 2022 of the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth hereby swear to the following oath:

We recognize that we are privileged to become members of the medical community.  Therefore, we will hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of care for each individual patient and remember that respect, compassion and integrity are what make the practice of medicine as much an art as a science.

We will strive to practice without prejudice and appreciate the rich diversity found in humanity.  We will pursue a practice of medicine that is culturally sensitive and preserves the dignity of each patient.  We will empower our patients to engage in their own care and to better advocate for themselves with the ability to make informed decisions.

With open-mindedness, we will remain humble, recognizing and learning from our mistakes and those of others while inviting guidance and criticism without hubris.

We commit to lifelong learning and striving to find ways to extend health care access to those in need.  We pledge to incorporate developments in medical knowledge to improve our practice. In recognition of our own limitations, we will learn from and collaborate with others.  We will hold ourselves to the highest standard of professionalism in all aspects of our careers and community.

It is with great privilege, humility, and honor that we accept this white coat as a symbol of our life-long commitment to a career in medicine and service to others.