Enrichment Program

Summer Pre-Matriculation
Enrichment Program

The Year 1 transition presents many unique challenges to trainees that have been popularly compared to the experience of drinking water from a fire hose.  Though students find ways to successfully navigate this period, efforts sometimes compromise well-being, academic performance, and satisfaction. While there are no shortcuts, the faculty & staff at the UM Medical School recognize that empowering students with tools, information, and resources prior to starting can be an effective way to mitigate the firehose effect.

Enrichment is a collection of prematriculation resources developed for this purpose - with the goal of empowering students to make informed decisions as they acclimate to medical training.

Enrichment resources are neither required nor needed by entering students - thus, they are optional, but provided to students seeking a range of support choices before the fire hose is turned on.

Note:  Registration for the program will be open in early Summer.

Part 1:
Online Enrichment

Fall term features three lecture-based courses, Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology (INMD 6820), Human Histology (INMD 6821) and Science of Medical Practice (SMP; INMD 6802). Course Directors for each course have provided a list of resources for all students to preview in preparation for the term.  Materials are organized in modules so that you can preview materials according to your own pacing and needs.

You can access these materials through the following links: (Look for materials in May/June)

  • Medical Gross Anatomy and Embryology (INMD 6820)
  • Human Histology (INMD 6821)
  • Science of Medical Practice (SMP; INMD 6802)

Part 2:
On-Campus Enrichment

The on-campus option for Enrichment features opportunities to learn more about the people, places and things to help ease the initial transition.  Previous participants have noted appreciation for opportunities to meet peers and to receive relevant insights from Year 2 peer mentors (who are available throughout the program + year 1).  Participants also have opportunities to meet faculty and med ed staff, and to pick up some valuable tools and resources to start things off on the right foot.  Registration is required for this option and space is limited - register early.  

  • Day 1: Welcome, check-in, and introductions.
  • Day 2: Academic Success - tips, strategies and resources for success.
  • Day 3: Experiential lectures provided by Fall Course Directors, and survey of specific tools and approaches (recommended by peer mentors).
  • Day 4: "Words from the wise" (experiences and wisdom from 2nd year students) and Closing.


General Questions:

Scott Slattery, Ph.D.
Dir. Learning Development
(612) 626-7196

Dimple Patel
Assoc. Dean, Office of Admissions
(612) 625-7977

Zelealem (Z) Mekuria
Program Coordination & Admin
(612) 625-7122

Michael Kim, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
(612) 625-5180

Student Comments

"[Enrichment] is an absolutely great opportunity to ease into medical school and makes the transition more tolerable and less stressful."

"The peer mentors were flipping awesome!"

"I did not expect it to be so very helpful! I am very grateful for the amount of information and help provided, the amount of time spent in arranging this. I could not have fighured this out on my own."

"Simply knowing where things are, what is available, and who to talk to has eased my mind immensly!"

"YES! This program has been instrumental in helping me to prepare for the challenges ahead. I finally feel like this is doable!"