Human Histology: Recommended Review Materials

Recommended Review of Cell Biology Prior to Human Histology - Fall 2017

In histology you will learn how cells and extracellular matrix interact to form functional tissues, and how tissues combine to form functional organs. Histology forms the link between biochemistry/molecular biology/physiology and pathology/disease. Most diseases are associated with histologic abnormalities, and the diagnosis of these abnormalities, via the microscopic examination of biological samples, is essential to the practice of medicine. It is therefore important for physicians to have a firm understanding of the relationship between histological structure and function.

In this course, we will assume that you already have a basic knowledge of cell biology. An understanding of basic cell biology principles is essential to the study of histology. To review the key points of cell biology, we highly recommend that you read through the material listed below (and take the associated quizzes). Except for the cytoskeleton, the content in chapters 2 and 3 is not directly covered in the histology course.


The textbooks listed are available in electronic form on Access Medicine (provided by the U of MN Biomedical Library)

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Mescher, Anthony L., Junqueira's Basic Histology: Text & Atlas, 13e

Paulsen, D.F, Histology & Cell Biology: Examination & Board Review, 5e

A three-week suggested study plan is available here. The associated quizzes for Cell Biology, referenced above, can be found under Assessments in blackbag once classes begin. There are 3 quizzes, one for each of the Weeks laid out in this document. When you've covered all of the topics listed for each Week, check your knowledge by taking the associated quiz. Once you submit the quiz at the end, it is not available to take again.