SMP Recommended Review Materials

Recommended Readings Prior to Entering The Science of Medical Practice (SMP) - Fall 2017

It is assumed that students entering SMP will have sufficient knowledge about the listed topics that they will be able to apply that knowledge to learning more advanced material in these areas.

To assess whether or not your knowledge is adequate to succeed in SMP, it is recommended that you do the recommended problems after each of the recommended chapters. If you can successfully do those problems, additional remedial studying is probably not necessary. However, if you are unable to do those problems, you should do the recommended chapter readings, indicated on this document. Similar readings in other textbooks or sources are fine as an alternative. It is also suggested that you prepare in the prescribed order listed below as this is the order of topics in SMP.

Make sure to do the recommended problems after reviewing the material to assess your knowledge. Re-review as necessary to achieve competency. 

Suggested Resources: