Scholarship Profile: Madison Weg

Madison Web

Avera Marshall Regional Medical Center Scholarship

Madison Weg

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2019

Hometown: Worthington, MN

Undergraduate school: University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Major: Genetics, Cell Biology and Development

Q: What are your interests outside of the classroom?

 A: Outside of class and studying I really enjoy playing intramural sports, so far I have only played volleyball but also plan on joining our class’s softball team. I am also involved in volunteering in the community. I volunteer at the HOPE clinic as well as the Solvay House in Duluth. They are both great ways to get to know and be more a part of the community as well as a great way to get my mind off of school for an hour or two.

Q: What was your first job and how did it help shape you into the person you are today?

 A: My first job was as a lifeguard in the outdoor pool in Worthington.  It was one of my first exposures to being trained in CPR, first aid, etc. and being responsible for other people’s safety. It also taught me how to work effectively on a team and as a leader of that team. I also learned methods to educate and instruct through teaching swimming lessons and water aerobics classes.  I think all of these skills have shaped me into who I am today and will help me become a better physician in the future.

Q: What does it mean to you to receive this scholarship?

 A: I was incredibly honored to be chosen as the recipient of this scholarship, and to see that others believed in my potential as a medical student. Because of that, I am even more driven to work as hard as I can in my classes. It also allows me to worry a little bit less about my debt, which in turn helps me to be able to devote more time and mind power to performing well in school.