They matched!

Match Day StudentsA group of Duluth students pose for a photo after being matched. Photo by Robin Michaels

One day a year, medical students around the country gather on medical school campuses to open an envelope. This envelope determines their residency program location, their next step in medical training. Some University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth campus students will stay in the Twin Cities, some will return to Duluth and others will spread out around the country to practice their chosen specialties. This year 37.5% Duluth campus graduates selected Family Medicine as their specialty compared to 8.6% nationally. Primary Care specialties were selected by 60.7% of the class and 39% of the Duluth campus graduates will complete their residency in Minnesota.

A feature story was published by our partners at the Duluth News Tribune by author John Lundy and photographer Bob King, it can be found here.