Donor memorial service gives thanks

August Lindmark

Second year student August Lindmark

Students, faculty and staff gathered to honor those individuals who have given the gift of knowledge through a whole body donation.

August Lindmark, second year medical student, planned the event that included remarks by faculty and students. The memorial service also included a student artwork display.

Faculty/Student Highlights

  • August Lindmark, second year medical student, was published in the Duluth News Tribune in the Local View with “With global health threats, investing in health systems pays off”
  • Dr. Sara Zimmer had an article “Mitochondrial gene expression is responsive to starvation stress and developmental transition in Trypanosoma cruzi” accepted in the journal mSphere.

Annette L. Boman Cancer Research Symposium

Thirteen years ago the medical school lost a promising young researcher and faculty member, Annette L. Boman, Ph.D. Since then, the Annette L. Boman Cancer Research Symposium has been held as a way to honor her memory. This year the keynote speaker, Melissa Geller, M.D., M.S., presented “Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy for ovarian cancer” and student, Rafaela Marocci Lima Pimenta, was presented with the Annette L. Boman Women’s Fellowship for Cancer Research.

Years of Service Celebrated

Thank you to the following faculty and staff that have dedicated many years of service to make our school a remarkable place!

40 years of service

Gary Davis

35 years of service

Mary Sneve

20 years of service

Jeff Adams, Mary Cannedy-Clarke, Margaret Herbert, Kristine Krafts, Anna Wirta,

Olga Zhdankin

15 years of service

Giving the Gift of Research

Gift of ResearchCircle of Hope is a not-for-profit organization that helps breast cancer patients who struggle financially from a breast cancer diagnosis. Thanks to a partnership with faculty member Andrew Skildum, Ph.D., Circle of Hope made a significant gift to support breast cancer research at the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus.


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