In the NewsFebruary 13, 2018

Nathan Ratner, a third-year medical student at the University of Minnesota and third-place finisher in last year's Elsevier Hackathon in Finland, talks about the promise of mobile health technology.  
In the NewsFebruary 9, 2018

From the woes of dry winter skin to acne and skin cancer, Doctors on Call answers viewer questions about common skin problems. 
In the NewsFebruary 5, 2018

Dr. Uzma Samadani joined MPR for a roundtable discussion on brain health and sports.
In the NewsJanuary 10, 2018

“It’s a tool that we can use for many of the tumors that previously we were not able to treat,” said Dr. Clark Chen, Department of Neurosurgery.
In the NewsJanuary 8, 2018

Dr. Alan Johns from the Department of Family Medicine and Biobehavioral Health on the Medical School, Duluth Campus hosts WDSE-TV's 'Doctors on Call' answering viewers questions about upper extremity, neck and back problems. 
In the NewsJanuary 8, 2018

Dr. Mark Schleiss, Department of Pediatrics, calls the spread of influenza "explosive" across the Twin Cities, pointing to a mismatch between the circulating influenza strain and the vaccine.
AnnouncementsJanuary 3, 2018

The surgery performed at the University of Minnesota Medical Center was the first in the state to utilize this minimally invasive procedure.
In the NewsDecember 28, 2017

The new treatment, which uses stem cells to produce islets, could be a significant step in the treatment of the disease. 

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