Young adults who had parents incarcerated during childhood do not receive timely healthcare and have more unhealthy behaviors, researchers find.

University of Minnesota Medical School researchers illustrate risks of miscommunication during patient transfers between hospitals and show how data sharing may improve outcomes.

The behavior of people who remain committed to a choice, even when it is clear that an alternate choice would be a better option, has been a perplexing phenomenon to psychologists and economists. 

The program is aiming to raise $10 million to support the initiative which includes the professorship of the academic study of sexuality and aging.

Two new reports show that rural American obesity rates are climbing higher than those of their metropolitan counterparts.

New clinical trials are using cutting-edge laser technology and bioengineered viruses to kill cancer cells.

University of Minnesota researchers have discovered a connection between the body’s memory cells and this protein, influencing the body’s long-term immune system.

Catarina Gómez's experience has also given her a new outlook on life, and on her 10-year plan.