Sathi P. Wijeyesinghe

Sathi Wijeyesinghe


Entering Class:


University of Maryland-College Park
Biochemistry and Biology majors, International Development and Conflict Management minor
B.S.(2), 2012

MSTP Student Governance:

  • Student Advisory Committee, 2018-19

Thesis Advisor: David Masopust, PhD

Publications (pubmed)

Beura LK, Wijeyesinghe S, Thompson EA, Macchietto MG, Rosato PC, Pierson MJ, Schenkel JM, Mitchell JS, Vezys V, Fife BT, Shen S, Masopust D. T Cells in Nonlymphoid Tissues Give Rise to Lymph-Node-Resident Memory T Cells. Immunity. 2018 Feb 20;48(2):327-338.e5.

Beura LK, Mitchell JS, Thompson EA, Schenkel JM, Mohammed J, Wijeyesinghe S, Fonseca R, Burbach BJ, Hickman HD, Vezys V, Fife BT, Masopust D. Intravital mucosal imaging of CD8+ resident memory T cells shows tissue-autonomous recall responses that amplify secondary memory. Nat Immunol. 2018 Feb;19(2):173-182.

Wijeyesinghe S, Masopust D. Resident memory T cells are a Notch above the rest. Nat Immunol. 2016 Nov 16;17(12):1337-1338.

Mohammed J, Beura LK, Bobr A, Astry B, Chicoine B, Kashem SW, Welty NE, Igyártó BZ, Wijeyesinghe S, Thompson EA, Matte C, Bartholin L, Kaplan A, Sheppard D, Bridges AG, Shlomchik WD, Masopust D, Kaplan DH. Stromal cells control the epithelial residence of DCs and memory T cells by regulated activation of TGF-β. Nat Immunol. 2016 Apr;17(4):414-21.

For work prior to entering the MSTP:

Sandler NG, Bosinger SE, Estes JD, Zhu RT, Tharp GK, Boritz E, Levin D, Wijeyesinghe S, Makamdop KN, del Prete GQ, Hill BJ, Timmer JK, Reiss E, Yarden G, Darko S, Contijoch E, Todd JP, Silvestri G, Nason M, Norgren RB Jr, Keele BF, Rao S, Langer JA, Lifson JD, Schreiber G, Douek DC. Type I interferon responses in rhesus macaques prevent SIV infection and slow disease progression. Nature. 2014 Jul 31;511(7511):601-5. PMCID: PMC4418221