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Medical School Match Making: Class of 2018

UPDATE: See our complete list of matches and match data from Match Day 2018!

On March 16, 2018, fourth-year medical students at the University of Minnesota and nationwide will open envelopes to find out where they will spend their residencies. It is one of the most important dates for medical students, signifying hard work, determination and, for some, a major life change. We spoke with three University of Minnesota students who reflected on their medical school experience and shared their hopes for Match Day and the future.

bako orionzi
Photo: Brandon Edlund

Bako Orionzi Brings Passion for Combating Health Disparities to Match Day 2018

For Bako Orionzi, Match Day is a step toward working with women and reproductive health. Women of color, she says, often experience more complications before, during and after pregnancy. “It’s one of the greatest health disparities our country has,” Orionzi says. Wherever she ends up matching, building relationships with women of all kinds is a key highlight of her hopes for the future.

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vidhu panday
Photo: Ashley Elwill Photography, furnished by Vidhu Pandey

From Jet Engines to Pediatrics: Vidhu Pandey Finds a Match at UMN Medical School

Medicine is a second career for Vidhu Pandey, who worked as an aeronautical engineer for nearly a decade—even interning on the space program with NASA working on a space shuttle main engine—before deciding he needed a change. As a husband and father of two small children, Pandey’s results on Match Day will affect the entire family. While he has to wait for Match Day to find out his next steps, Pandey does know where he hopes to be in the future: helping families in critical care and continuing to raise his own.

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Kelly McKinnon
Photo: Furnished by Kelly McKinnon

Non-traditional Student Kelly McKinnon Seeks Match in Family Medicine

Kelly McKinnon dropped out of a pre-med program while trying to hold down two additional jobs. It was too much. But he stayed connected to healthcare by working in a group home taking care of developmentally disabled adults for ten years before deciding to go back to school. “I decided, ‘Why not go for it?’ It’s a second chance that most people don’t really get,” he said, recalling the decision to start applying. Once he found out that he was accepted to the University of Minnesota Medical School, he canceled the rest of his interviews. “There was no point … It was the perfect fit for me.”

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Students will receive their placements at a private Match Day ceremony and reception held at the University of Minnesota McNamara Alumni Center. See the complete list of our matched students. Visit the National Resident Matching Program website to learn more about the matching process.