Learning Management System


The University of Minnesota Medical School uses a program-level learning management system (LMS) to advance the online presence of our courses and clerkships, both for accreditation requirements and to improve the LMS experience for medical students.

The learning management system used for first- and second-year courses on both campuses, and required clerkships in years three and four is BlackBag.

The application was developed on the Duluth campus and then expanded to the Twin Cities. Managed by AHC-IS on the Twin Cities campus, BlackBag is fully supported by a team of developers and other technical resources. In addition, there is a BlackBag Administrators group that meets regularly to discuss and prioritize feature requests.

BlackBag helps our school to:

  • Meet program-level LCME accreditation requirements for search.
  • Consolidate multiple systems for curriculum mapping, content management, reporting, and tracking.
  • Increase the online presence and standardization of course/clerkship content and operations.
  • Provide a consistent LMS experience for medical students horizontally across courses/clerkships and vertically across all years/campuses.
  • Build a more in-depth LMS community across the curriculum - support, integration, best practices, and innovation.
  • Export data to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Curriculum Inventory portal.

University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff log in with their x500 using the authentication link on BlackBag.

Guest instructors or staff who do not have a University x500 should contact the Course Manager or clerkship coordinator for their particular course or clerkship to initiate a University of Minnesota guest account.