Communication Sessions Visits (CSV)

Tyler Koonst Dr. Tara McMichael and Kristen Westenfield in Waconia 11-7-17 2
Maddie Grosland and Dr Mark Deyo-Svendsen in Menomonie WI 10-26-17 2
Daniel Harren and Thomas Haus in Glenwood 5-2-18 2

RPAP students participate in two Communication Session visits during the program year when an RPAP faculty member visits the student in the RPAP community for a day.

The first visits are in November and December and involve a student-patient videotaped interview. The tape is reviewed, and the student and faculty discuss the student’s communication skills as well as how various psychosocial factors may relate to the patients’ presenting complaints.

The second visits are in April and June. Here the faculty observes the student conducting routine patient visits and communicating with the preceptor. The sessions create an awareness of how students relate to patients and help identify strategies to establish and maintain a therapeutic relationship.

Students are required to be present for the entire days’ activities and should not be on call or post-call for the day of this activity


  • Competence in communicating with the patient, including identifying the problem, developing a relationship, and patient education or counseling
  • Competence in communicating about the patient—oral, written, and team—including identifying the problem, professional relationships, and appropriate team-based management


  • Use relationship-building skills and manage the flow of the interview
  • Demonstrate preparation, opening the interview, gathering information, eliciting and understanding the patient’s perspective, and closing the interview
  • Use appropriate communication during exam/procedure
  • Demonstrate understandable patient education
  • Appropriately negotiate and agree on a plan with the patient