M Health Fairview Aims to Change Health Care in Minnesota and Beyond

December 4, 2018


For more than two decades, the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Physicians and Fairview Health Services have collaborated to provide Minnesotans an exceptional healthcare network. This year, they took their collaboration to new heights after announcing a five-year partnership that aims to provide a world-renowned integrated healthcare system.

“Major market disrupters like Apple and Amazon capture the consumer experience and make it easier,” Dean Jakub Tolar told MD News. “What we’re going to offer with M Health Fairview is an elegant solution that comes through understanding and owning the patient experience. We will move the center of gravity of the stress that comes with illness from patients and their families to us. We’ll own that complexity.”

This unique partnership will combine strong academic and patient care expertise with leading-edge research to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

“It doesn’t matter if a patient lives in Hibbing or Hugo,” said Dean Tolar. “We want patients to receive the same level of specialty care they would get if they lived in Minneapolis or Minnetonka. The way to do that is to fully develop and deploy what we know to be the best standards of care. That’s what this partnership will help us do.”

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