Gov. Dayton, blue-ribbon committee call for investment in U Medical School

A blue-ribbon committee created by Gov. Mark Dayton in August has made budget and policy recommendations to the state Legislature aimed at strengthening the U of M Medical School’s position as a national leader in medical training, research, and care.

The recommendations support two primary goals: improving the Medical School’s national standing by expanding health care research focused on the state’s health priorities, and strengthening its educational programs to ensure that medical students and residents are prepared to meet Minnesota’s future physician workforce needs.

To help achieve those goals, Gov. Dayton’s proposed FY2016-17 budget calls for a $30 million investment in the Medical School to expand the school’s research, improve its National Institutes of Health (NIH) ranking from 30th to 20th in the next five to eight years, and expand physician training programs that benefit rural and underserved communities.

That investment would enable the Medical School to hire up to 50 top researchers over eight years to form “medical discovery teams” that will focus on the state’s most pressing health concerns and help attract NIH grants.

Seven strategies underlie the committee’s recommendations:

  • Building a culture of excellence and increasing faculty productivity
  • Building a vibrant academic clinical enterprise
  • Investing in medical discovery teams to restore the Medical School’s tenured faculty to 1990 levels
  • Investing in clinical research infrastructure
  • Investing in innovative programs to meet Minnesota’s health workforce needs
  • Developing new models of health promotion and care
  • Investing in new education and research facilities

To learn more, find the blue-ribbon committee report at

Published on May 18, 2015