Resident Awards

Our residency program offers a number of distinct honors that may be earned during time in the clinic, on call, in the operating room, or while mentoring other students.

Resident AwardsThe University of Minnesota Department of Orthopaedic Surgery is proud to offer the Gustilo award for Best Resident Effort as well as for Best Scientific Paper to graduating residents each year. Recipients of the award, sponsored by renowned surgeon Ramon Gustilo, MD, become members of the Gustilo Society. The Department of Orthopaedic Surery also offers the Resident Teacher and Resident Role Model award annually. These opportunities offer graduates a unique opportunity to distinguish themselves both within our program and once they enter the profession of orthopaedic surgery. 

Gustilo Awards

Sponsored by Ramon Gustilo, MD, recipients become members of the Gustilo Society. Best Scientific Paper is awarded to a resident with the most compelling and impactful research paper. Best Resident Effort is awarded to a resident for comprehensive involvement in their research project. 

2018-Matthew Herring, MD & Michael Knudsen, MD
2017- Sara S. Van Nortwick, MD & Jessica S. Shin, MD
2016-Chad Myeroff, MD
2015-David C. Ou-Yang, MD & Kyle C Bohm, MD
2014-Der-Chen Tim Huang, MD & Chad J. Griffith, MD
2013-Anthony W. Anderson, MD & Ryan E. Bennett, MD
2012-C. David Hightower, MD & Brian P. Bjerke, MD
2011-Michael O Zlowodzki, MD & Patrick W. O'Donnell, MD
2010-Michael R. Johnson, MD & Jeffrey Macalena, MD
2009-William W. Cross II, MD & Steven Schechinger, MD
2008-Clifford C. Novak, MD 
2007-Todd E. Jackman, MD & Colleen M Linehan, MD
2006-Erik S. Stroemer, MD
2005-Thuan V. Ly, MD
2004-Neil R. Johnson, MD
2003-V. Franklin Sechriest II, MD
2002-Gerald M. Rieber, MD & David F. Labadie, MD
2001-Timothy J. Panek, MD & Dana J. Harms, MD
2000-Eric W. Nelson, MD
1999-Michael D. McDonald, MD
1998-G. Unni Narayanan, MD

Resident Role Model Award

Presented to a resident that exemplifies the qualities of a good role model by taking an active role in education of the junior residents while on call, in the clinic, in the operating room, or elsewhere.

2018-Matthew Herring, MD & Sponsored by James House, MD

Resident Teacher Award

Presented to a resident that actively taught and mentored medical students.

2018-Michael Stojanovic, MD & sponsored by Deb Bohn, MD