Twin Cities Marathon Award Nomination

The University of Minnesota Foundation announces the Twin Cities Marathon Top Performance Medical Student Award, and invites applications.

This award will provide $1,000 each to a currently enrolled male and female medical student with the best finishing time in the Twin Cities Marathon, held in October of each year (, to be used for tuition and/or fees. 


Applications will be accepted from currently enrolled medical students. There are two $1,000 awards, one each for a female student and a male student. Winners in each category will be determined once official race times are posted. An application must be submitted by the posted deadline, and a student applicant must complete the marathon, in order to be considered for the award.

Financial need is not a consideration. If no medical student finishes the marathon in either the male or female category, the money will be held over until the next Twin Cities Marathon for that particular (male or female) category. 

Nomination process

For further information on this award, call 612-624-9473.

Nomination Form

Application Deadline: September 30, 2017