Diversity and Inclusion

The University of Minnesota Medical School is dedicated to providing a high-quality education for students of all backgrounds. Through a variety of services and programs, we aim to give everyone equal access to learning and cultural experiences on and off campus.

Disability resources
Medical School students can access disability centers and services at both the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses.

Minority Affairs and Diversity
This office works to create a supportive environment for minority and underrepresented medical students.

Diversity statement
The Medical School upholds an environment of inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and respect for the similarities and differences in our community.

Women’s Mentoring Program, Duluth campus
The Duluth Women’s Mentoring Program was created to advance the professional development of women faculty on the Duluth Campus. Select programs are coordinated with the UMD Swenson College of Science and Engineering Women’s Mentoring Program. 

Center of American Indian and Minority Health
The center strives to raise the health status of the Native American population by educating Native American students in the field of health care and Indian health.

Diversity across campus
The University of Minnesota is strengthened by students representing different races, religions, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, geographic origins, genders, sexualities, and beliefs.

Equity and Diversity
Explore the University's Office for Equity and Diversity website to find services, awards, scholarships, and educational opportunities.

Cultural Diversity, Duluth campus
Committed to inclusivity, equity, and multiculturalism, the Office of Cultural Diversity works to develop and implement programs and services that support the retention and graduation of students from all backgrounds.

Campus Climate
The University of Minnesota supports a welcoming campus climate in which all persons are treated with respect. Toward that end, the University facilitates, sustains, and advances a culture that supports equity, inclusion, and community by fostering dialogue, respect, and personal growth. These purposeful activities and shared responsibility provide an environment that allows everyone the opportunity to succeed.


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