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We continue to build on our decades-long foundation of educational excellence through the next generation of health professionals.

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Points of Pride

  • Our mission is to combine our scientific and clinical strengths to deliver the best in innovative, accountable, compassionate care to our patients and to impact the field of medicine for all.

  • 70 percent of Minnesota's physicians trained at the University of Minnesota Medical School

    Source: Board of Medical Practice

  • Ranked #3 Medical School for Training Rural Physicians 

    Source: U.S. News & World Report

  • Ranked #7 Medical School in Training Primary Care Physicians

    Source: U.S. News & World Report


A new study, published in Pediatrics, finds that transgender and gender non-conforming youth show lower rates of health care utilization and suffer poorer health than cisgender youth.

Whether you’re playing in the big game, or cheering in the crowd, knowing what to do when faced with an injury can keep you in the action and off of the bench.  

A new paper published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine proposes a new way to tackle the problem of misdiagnosis in hospitals.

In a new video, Dr. Neil Henderson, Executive Director of the Memory Keepers Medical Discovery Team, talks about the team's new community space in Duluth and how its design fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement.

Donna D'Souza

Medical School Spotlight

Donna D'Souza, MD,
Department of Radiology 



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