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Meet our Chief Residents

R4, Class of 2019

Jeff Ames
HobbiesSoccer; beers with friends; and movies.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?: I enjoy learning with very friendly co-residents in a low-stress collegiate atmosphere.  The workstation teaching is particularly good, and the attendings are all extremely approachable.  At the University of Minnesota, we are exposed to a wide spectrum of pathology due to our various practice settings.

Paul Craig

HobbiesRunning; biking; tennis; food; and wine.

What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?I really enjoy the amount of joking around that goes on in the reading rooms. The enjoyable atmosphere makes the days go by very quickly.

Saeid Dianat

HobbiesWatching movies; reading; walking; listening to music; and food. 
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?Collegial atmosphere; academic center to get excellent training.

Shabnam Mortazavi

HobbiesBiking; hiking; camping; kayaking; theater; and having fun friends come over and cooking for them!
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?Exposure to variety of cases. 

Brian Pogatchnik

HobbiesVideo games; history; and music.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?: The diversity of cases and work environments will prepare me well for working in any clinical environment in the future.

Masters Richards

HobbiesSnow and water skiing; reading; soccer; tennis; golf; and scuba diving.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?: I like being a University of Minnesota radiology resident because I am confident that the program will provide me with excellent diagnostic radiology training.  The program operates out of several hospitals, each with unique patient populations that supplement resident education.

Patrick Self

HobbiesGuitar; golf; tennis; running; biking; karaoke; motorcycling; and reading.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?: Having the support and educational opportunities provided by the staff and residency. Each staff brings unique perspectives and experience that we can use to better our diagnostic acumen.

Sandeep Sharma

HobbiesTennis; swimming; and basketball.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?I like that we have various training sites which really adds to the experience. I also like that we have regular academic sessions including lectures, conferences, interesting case conferences which really adds to the learning. 

Chris Smith

HobbiesRunning; skiing (Colorado! And some in Minnesota too); road biking; tennis; computer games; cooking; literature (I've been into Tolkien lately); spending time with family; movies (Tolkien again. Movies that make you "think"); history; and being a homeowner is a fun hobby too.
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?: I came to Minnesota from out of state, having never been here before, to explore something different. Given that I would have 5 years ahead of me, I wanted to learn, work hard, and all the rest, but perhaps most importantly to gain enjoyment from the experience. While it can also be challenging, the multiple locations allows you the benefit to learn from a full spectrum of radiologists in the Twin Cities. You really soak in the area. It is almost like being apart of more than one residency, which I don't think you can say about many places.

Manoj Tanwar

HobbiesRunning; meeting interesting people; yoga; and outdoors activities. 
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?Great people; strong MRI; and IR team. 

Mark Wickre

HobbiesHockey; traveling; camping; hiking; fishing; snowboarding; cooking; brewing beer in the winter; and Game of Thrones.  
What do you enjoy most about being a University of Minnesota radiology resident?I like the diversity and complexity of the patients that come to the University for very specialized care, and I like being part of the strong radiology tradition at Minnesota. I also like the camaraderie between residents and staff, and that we get exposed to several different practice settings and patient populations at the VA and the county hospital downtown.  

R3, Class of 2020

EvelsizerAndrew Evelsizer

HobbiesGolfing; camping; mountain biking; skiing; boating; travel; and reading. 

Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?The radiology residency program at the U of M stood out from others as a reputable academic program, providing wide variety of pathology, great volume of exposure, and a solid core curriculum that excels at preparing its residents for boards and a successful career. The camaraderie among residents and commitment of the program to balance personal and professional life was also high on my list priority list. Add in the back drop of the Twin Cities and choosing the U of M was easy. 

Nauroze Asghar Faizi

Hobbies: Fiction; movies; music; and experimenting with camera & cookbook.
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?: I enjoy the patient diversity, immense learning opportunities, and the awesome residents and staff.

Luke Krystosek

HobbiesDoodling; bowling; and board games.
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?I chose to attend the University of Minnesota for residency because I like Minnesota! I grew up all around the state and I wanted to stay for residency. I like the outdoors and all the amenities the Twin Cities offer. I also went to the UMN for medical school, and I liked the different hospitals and faculty during rotations.

Mark Lee

HobbiesBaseball; Golf; Running; Biking; Microbreweries; Traveling; Reading; and cheering on the Hawkeyes
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?I chose the University of Minnesota because of its strong academic program, the collegial atmosphere between staff and residents, and the exposure we gain to a wide variety of cases at multiple teaching hospitals throughout the Twin Cities region.

Ryan Murphy

Hobbies: Spending time with my wife and kids; biking; getting out in nature; reading; swimming; frisbee golf; and watching my Hometown San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?:The U of M is an academic program that offers a variety of training sites. We get the opportunity to learn at an academic medical center, a large VA hospital, and a high volume level 1 trauma center with a focus on the underserved (HCMC). I believe when I leave residency I will be well prepared to practice anywhere I choose. Most appealing of all is that the faculty are very approachable, and there is excellent camaraderie among the residents. The Twin Cities is a great location, affordable, easy access to nature, great bike trails, and all the amenities of a major city (sports, restaurants, concerts, festivals, public transit, etc...).

John Robinson

HobbiesHiking and backpacking; mountain biking and fat biking in winter; traveling; video games; and skiing. 
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?The U of M has a great track record of training great radiologists. It's a very strong academic program and at the same time maintains a collegial environment. Minneapolis is a great city. There's always something to do, with great food, music, and theater. Most important to me are the ample opportunities for outdoor activities, both summer and winter. I love this city and plan to stay here after residency.

Ali Salavati

HobbiesWatching movies; reading movie reviews; traveling; reading; kayaking; trying new restaurants; and spending time with friends.
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?Having the opportunity to be trained at different practice settings and exposed to diverse patient populations at the University, HCMC and VA. Strong MRI research center 

Xiao Wang

HobbiesReading; biking; and cooking.  
Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?I chose the University of Minnesota Radiology Residency because it is a renowned, multi-disciplinary, and comprehensive training program. The UMN Radiology Department has a long history of pronounced contribution to medical care such as “Rigler’s sign”, exceptional training reputations in radiology, world famous state-of-the-art advanced technologies and equipment. A variety of diseases exposure in different hospitals will prepare and enable me to grow into a board certified radiologist who can function in busy and diverse practice settings. The faculty and staff here are well informed and friendly, making the training period enjoyable and more fun.

R2, Class of 2021

Thomas Baron

Hobbies: Running, rock climbing, gardening, cooking, camping and canoeing, traveling.

Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?: The U of M has a strong reputation as an academic center that prepares its residents for competitive fellowships and staff positions. Covering multiple hospitals with very different patient populations also allows for a wide range of cases and procedures. Plus, the Twin Cities is a great place to live, especially in the summer!

Michael Brydone-Jack

Hobbies: I enjoy running along the Mississippi and the Chain of Lakes. I am an avid traveler. I enjoy photography and capturing landscapes during my travels and at home. I also enjoy exploring the great outdoors through camping, hiking, backpacking and rock climbing.

Why did you Choose the U of M for Residency?:  I was attracted to the U of M because of the broad experience provided by rotating at three major medical centers. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I was also attracted to some of the things that make the Twin Cities and Minnesota a great place to live: renowned arts, music and theatre, proximity to outdoor activities and a culture that appreciates the outdoors, fantastic craft beer, a sports team in every major league as well as Big-10 college sports, and the welcome I felt as an newcomer when I visited for the first time during my interview.

Ting Chen

Hobbies: I love traveling to different parts of the world and meeting people from different cultures, sci-fi movies, basketball, skiing, hang out with friends and family, and drinking wine.

Why did I choose U of M: This is a residency program with great reputation, focus on clinical oriented radiology, many research opportunities, and fun yet smart people.  It is one of the few radiology programs that I interviewed with that is very honest and resident oriented.  The program has full insight of its limitation and areas that needed improvement, and continues to improve upon.  Most importantly, people (staff/faculties/residents, etc.) are super genuine, friendly, supportive, and welcoming. Just after first year, I have already made some life-long friends in the program.

Chad Christensen

Hobbies: Skiing; hockey; golf; mountain biking; camping; spending time with family; and traveling

Why did you choose the U of M for Radiology?: The U of M provides you with the opportunity to train at a strong academic program that exposes you to a variety of different pathology across several hospitals including an academic medical center, a level 1 trauma center, and a VA hospital. Additionally, I love the outdoors and Minnesota provides a variety of opportunities to experience all kinds of outdoor activities all within a few minutes drive.   

Alexander Clyton

HobbiesEnjoying the Parks/Lakes with my Family, International Travel, Home Renovation, Home Automation, Minnesota United Soccer, Bonsa

Why did you choose the U of MN?   I desired a program that offered both access to world class research, and volume loads that would prepare me for high volume private practice.  I feel that it was important to be prepared for all employment options; academic and community. There is a very professional atmosphere, with lots of camaraderie. There are people here that really enjoy working with one another. There is a healthy mix of autonomy and 1:1 instruction. Additionally, my family needed a city that met all our needs; great schools with multiple language immersion options, a park system which is consistently ranked top in the nation, and a robust public transport system. All of these amenities we use daily, in a beautiful city that is surprisingly affordable. As a non-native Minnesotan I can say that my family loves the winters too.

Alissa Evenson

HobbiesRunning, biking, gardening, fishing, playing piano, reading, spending time with my husband and daughter.  

Why I chose the U: I wanted to return to the upper Midwest to be close to family, and what made the program here stand out for me versus others in the tri-state area was the approachability of the faculty and residents during my interview day, the opportunity to see a variety of pathology due to the multiple training sites, and the convenience of a categorical program with the transitional year at HCMC. Additionally, the amenities available in the metro area (nice airport with lots of direct flights, major league sporting teams, museums, theater/concerts, and dining options) combined with the ease of access to outdoor activities (hiking/biking/running trails, lakes, etc.) make this a great place to live and raise a family, especially in a field where you are afforded more time for life outside medicine than you are in other specialties. I'm happy with my choice on both counts: for radiology as a specialty and for the U as a residency program.

Glen Gross

Hobbies Running, Nordic skiing, biking, cooking, craft beer, piano

Why did you choose the U of MN for residency: I went to medical school at the University of Minnesota, and I chose to stay here for residency because I knew that I would get excellent training. The environment is very collegial between residents and staff.  We get to rotate between several different hospitals, and are exposed to a diverse range of pathology. Minneapolis is also a great place to live, and there’s always something to do outside of work all year-round.

Joshua Heaton

Hobbies:  Swimming and spending time at local lakes, or on the St. Croix River, with my family. Doing work around my house including yard work and light projects. Going to the MN zoo and Como zoo with my wife and daughter.  Visiting nearby museums and parks with my family.

Why did you choose the U of MN?   I grew up in Minnesota and really appreciate what the state, the people, and the program have to offer. I thought the clinical rigor of a TY year at HCMC, along with the incredibly supportive staff and teams, offered a great foundation for any type of career in radiology.  The breadth of practice that the U of MN program offers was also attractive. The program offers a broad mix of complicated university cases, a good level 1 trauma experience, and lots of bread and butter cases through rotations at the U of MN, HCMC, the Minneapolis VA, and Masonic Children's Hospital.  The program is supportive of raising a family and having a life outside of medicine, while also offering approachable academic leaders for those interested in pursuing research.

Ken Larson

Hobbies: Cooking, hunting, fishing, reading, playing guitar

Why did you pick the U of MN?  I chose the University of Minnesota radiology program because I felt the program offers excellent training through a diverse range of patient populations and presentations. I also like living in the Twin Cities.

Cameron Richardson

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, hanging out with my wife, playing with our boxer, Archer, trying new beers, grilling and smoking meat, yard work. 

Why I chose UMN: I don't like hot weather. The program size allows for many new friendships and with that, inspires new interests. The fact that we rotate to several different hospitals gives insight to how different kinds of hospitals are operated and the types of patients you will encounter (quaternary hospital, children's, county safety net hospital, VA). UMN offers several fellowships. High volume and diverse case load. 

R1, Class of 2022

Ornina Bachour

Hobbies: I love traveling, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking! In Minneapolis, I regularly enjoy the outdoors, trying new restaurants, sporting events, the Orpheum theater, and spending time with my family and friends. 

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
I chose the U because it felt like the perfect fit. I knew I’d receive excellent training in a friendly, collegial environment. The diverse training sites bring exposure to a large variety and high volume of pathology. The program leadership is supportive and truly values teaching. The residents are a tight-knit, collegial crew! And Minneapolis is a diverse, beautiful, and active city to live in. Choosing my alma mater was easy!

Michael Benson

Hobbies: Basketball, golf, camping, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, movies, trying new restaurants

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
After graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth I spent a year living in the Twin Cities and loved it. Minneapolis has a great balance of big-city entertainment and camping/fishing spots just outside the cities. Being able to rotate through a community, university, and VA hospital setting all in one residency was also something that really attracted me to the U of M.

Jeff Clegg

Hobbies: movies, people watching, being an enabler

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
The supportive environment and location

Robert Dolan

Hobbies: Golfing, grilling, skiing, fishing, craft beers, bourbon, movies, hanging out with family
Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
I love the Twin Cities and Dr. Keuhn-Hajder was my favorite program director from my interview trail. After meeting the rest of the faculty, learning about the excellent the training opportunities and knowing everything Minnesota has to offer it was an easy decision.

Michael Gee

Hobbies: road biking, hockey, skiing, reading, traveling

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
The University of Minnesota offers excellent radiology training and research opportunities in a bikeable (year round), affordable and culturally rich city.

Michael Hafertepe

Hobbies: sports, golf, boating, going to the lake, playing my kids
Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
Ultimately there were two major reasons I chose U of M for residency. The first is the people. They have great teachers and see a broad spectrum of pathology. I was confident I would be a competent radiologist at completion of the program. Additionally, graduates from the U of M have routinely been offered great fellowships or very attractive positions in the job market. The second major reason is family. I have two kids and my wife and I wanted to be closer to family as they grew up.

Grant Larson

Hobbies: Hockey, cycling, waterskiing, travel, food 

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
The opportunity to get great training in a variety of practice settings. Also, my family and I love Minneapolis!

Ben Levy

Hobbies: biking, yoga, investing, spending time with my family

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
The University of Minnesota Program has 4 distinctly different rotations sites that offer a wide variety of pathology. Thus by the end of our residency, we will be extremely well prepared for any fellowship or practice environment. Equally as important, the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area offers an amazing place to live, to work, to play, to raise a family. I cannot think of a better place with as many things to offer both personally and professionally than the University of Minnesota and the Twin Cities.

Anthony Spano

Hobbies: Reading, exercise, gaming

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
I chose the UMN for its case volume and of sites and corresponding patient population. I am also excited to work on a diversity of research projects while at the University.

Nicole Sztuk

Hobbies: Cycling, traveling, finding new restaurants

Why did I choose the University of Minnesota for residency?
I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at the U while I was a medical student and knew immediately that I wanted to do my residency here. Everyone was welcoming and I felt right at home! I knew I wanted to complete my residency at a large academic center that would provide both volume and pathology to prepare me for fellowship/practice upon completion of residency.  As a resident you rotate at the university hospital, a large level 1 trauma center, a children’s hospital, and the VA, allowing for a well rounded, rigorous residency. The U was a perfect fit for what I was looking for. I am originally from Indiana, but my family happened to move to MN while I was in college, so coming to MN allowed me to be closer to family again! In my free time, I visit with my family, spend time with my fiancé, and hang out with friends (most of which are fellow residents). We love exploring the Twin Cities, finding new restaurants, cycling, walking through our favorite neighborhood (The North Loop), and traveling around the world (as much as our schedules will allow). I don’t think I ever imagined I would end up in Minnesota, but I’m so happy I did!