Ninitha Asirvatham-Jeyaraj, PhD
Post-doctoral Associate


Research interests: My interest in the autonomic nervous system control of cardiovascular diseases led me to pursue postdoctoral research training in the laboratory of Dr. Manda L Keller-Ross and Dr. John W Osborn. I am currently working with Dr. Keller-Ross in collaboration with industry partners (Boston Scientific) on the clinical trial in hypertensive patients to elucidate the role of spinal cord stimulation in inhibiting afferent feedback during exercise. I have also worked with mouse models of obesity and genetic hypertension, where I explored the role of renal inflammation in differentially affecting efferent and afferent nerve mediated signaling to increase blood pressure and alter glucose metabolism. I have been trained in techniques like flow cytometry, echo MRI, indirect calorimetry, surgical radiotelemeter implantation and surgical renal denervation. I am passionate about teaching and love to mentor students.

Personal interests: Dr. Jeyaraj enjoys painting, badminton, traveling, chess, movies, karate, books, hiking, running.

Daniel Chantigian, MS
PhD Student

Research Interests: Dan has been a member of the Cardiovascular Research and Rehabilitation Laboratory since 2015. In January of 2017, he received his Masters of Science degree in Rehabilitation Science. Afterwards, Dan decided to continue with his studies in order to obtain a PhD. His research is centered on understanding autonomic function and how neuromodulatory techniques may alter the autonomic nervous system in both healthy and patient populations. In June 2017, he was awarded a MnDRIVE Fellowship to assist in conducting a clinical trial with an industry partner, Boston Scientific. In the future, Dan hopes to continue working with industry partners to develop novel device-based therapies that treat disease states with better efficacy and fewer side effects than current pharmaceutical therapies.

Personal Interests: Dan enjoys playing and watching soccer, attending concerts, making music, and traveling with his friends. 

Manda L. Keller-Ross, PhD, DPT, PT
Principal Investigator


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Mia Larson, BSN, RN, HN-BC
PhD Student

Research Interests: Mia began her career as a registered nurse, working with patients in a neuro ICU for 5 years at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN before returning to school to obtain a PhD. Her research interests include understanding how holistic health practices affect human physiology and how these practices can be integrated into everyday life and in medicine to reduce the incidence and burden of disease.

Personal Interests: Mia enjoys yoga, cooking, photography and hiking

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