The Laboratory Medicine and Pathology residency training program at the University of Minnesota Medical School is distinctive in having a nationally recognized commitment to both clinical and anatomic pathology and the structural flexibility to customize training plans for community, academic, and research careers. 

The department provides four years of combined anatomic and clinical, and three years of anatomic or clinical pathology-only, residency training to its physicians-in-training who continually make successful academic progress toward the independent practice of laboratory medicine and pathology.



First-year resident Annaliisa Pratt gave a platform presentation at USCAP 2019. Her presentation was titled “Correlation between imaging and autopsy findings in patients clinically diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome.”

ResidentsResidents and Pathology Assistants volunteer towards pathology awareness.

Residents and Pathology Assistants recently volunteered their time to introduce pathology to the public at the Minnesota State Fair. Passersby were intrigued (and a bit grossed out) by the educational malignant organs on display.

ResidentsLMP residents, fellows, and pathologist assistants gather for a group photo on the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus, with the Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Front row left to right: Heidi Wipf (post-sophomore fellow), Aimi Toyama (resident), and Regina Plummer (resident)

Middle row left to right: Annaliisa Pratt (resident), resident Antoine Wrice's wife Taylor, and Monica Avila (resident)

Back row left to right: Drew Sciacca (pathologist's assistant), Emily Hartsough (post-sophomore fellow), Antoine Wrice (resident), Eric He (transfusion medicine fellow), Cade Arries (resident), Ryan Martinez (resident), Aastha Chauhan (resident) and baby Aayra, and Meghan Pickard (pathologist's assistant)