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Institute for Translational Neuroscience Conference

This conference takes place the second Tuesday of each month.

4:00 PM

Wallin Medical Bioscience Building
Room 3-143
2101 6th Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Upcoming speakers:
June-August - Summer Break
September 12th - Dr. Danni Li
October 10th - Dr. Michael Koob

See a list of past speakers

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Recap: 2017 ITN Research Retreat

This retreat took place January 17, 2017, at Coffman Memorial Union and the University of Minnesota Campus Club.

  • Poster: Neuroeconomic decision-making
  • ITN: Presentation
  • Institute for Translational Neuroscience Poster

Presentations featured representatives from diverse research areas: Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Neurology, Department of Neuroscience, and a guest speaker from Stanford University. A poster session was held at the end of the program that featured the recent work of ITN students, post-doctoral associates and faculty.

Poster Presenters and Contributors:

  • Alfonso Araque Lab - Justin Lines
  • Karen Ashe Lab - Julia Gamache
  • Marija Cvetanovic Lab - Wenhui Qu and Melissa Asher
  • Carrie Haskell-Luevano Lab - Mark Ericson, Cody Lensing, Skye Doering, and Katherine Schlasner
  • Bin He Lab - Bradley Edelman and Michelle Case
  • Matt Johnson Lab - Julia Slopsema
  • Christophe Lenglet Lab - Christophe Lenglet, Pramod Pisharady, and Hamza Farooq
  • Dezhi Liao Lab - Nick Braun and Peter Teravskis
  • Hubert Lim Lab - Cory Gloeckner, Kelvin Lim, and Mark Hamilton
  • Wensheng Lin Lab - Sarrabeth Stone
  • Colum MacKinnon Lab - Matt Petrucci and Remi Patriat
  • Mark Thomas Lab - Brian Sweis, Manuel Esguerra, and Erin Larson
  • Michael Walters Lab - Kathryn Nelson and Michael Walters