Cecil J. Watson Award

The Cecil J. Watson Award is given each year for the most outstanding research by a physician in graduate clinical training in any clinical department of the Medical School, including Laboratory Medicine & Pathology. The Minneapolis Society of Internal Medicine and other friends of Dr. Cecil J. Watson established the award in 1961. One or more $2,500 awards will be presented.


The recipient of the award may be at any of the hospitals or institutions affiliated with the Medical School, Twin Cities.

  • He or she may be a medical fellow, a teaching assistant, or instructor, but must still be in a program of graduate training at the time the research is performed and the award made.
  • The research may be clinical or basic in character, and may have been carried out in a basic science laboratory to which the recipient is temporarily assigned. His or her training program, however, must be oriented toward a clinical career at the time of the award.
  • Research submitted for consideration must have been conducted at the University of Minnesota Medical School and the project described must exhibit scientific originality and creativity.
  • The paper must be written in a publishable format or have been published and a mentor must provide a letter of support.

Application process

An applicant may submit one manuscript. The award-winning manuscript will be selected by the Medical School-University of Minnesota Foundation Honors and Awards Committee in association with the Minneapolis Society of Internal Medicine, the sponsor of this award.

Nominations due by February 15, 2018. 

Please submit your nomination for this award here.