Women in Science & Medicine

Mission Statement: To inspire, encourage, and enable women in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD) to achieve their personal and professional goals as developing physician scientists through open discussion of potential career obstacles and interaction with successful female role models.

The MSTP Women in Science and Medicine Group, in collaboration with the Office of Faculty Affairs, co-sponsors research seminar presentations by invited external women physician scientists. Opportunities are provided for MSTP students to meet with these invited speakers.  The Group also  hosts social gatherings for women MSTP students and University of Minnesota faculty to engage in discussions focused on career development, mentoring, and leadership. These meetings foster relationships between students and female role models in the scientific and medical communities.

2017-2018 schedule

Maria Monica Gramatges, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Baylor College of Medicine
Research focus: Telomeres and telomere maintenance in relation to pediatric cancer risk and survivorship
Clinical specialty: pediatric hematology/oncology
Cancer Center Seminar Series
Tuesday, October 3, 9:00 AM
Host: Logan Spector, PhD

Maureen Su, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
University of North Carolina
Research focus: Genetics of autoimmune diseases
Clinical specialty: Pediatric endocrinology
MICaB Seminar Series
Monday, February 12, 2018, Noon
Host: Kris Hogquist, PhD

Suzanne Ahmari, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pittsburgh
Research focus: Neurobiology of obsessive compulsive disorder and other pathological forms of perseverative behavior
Clinical specialty: Psychiatry
Neuroscience Department Seminar
Friday, January 26, 2018, Noon
Host: Patrick Rothwell, PhD

Kathryn Wagner, MD, PhD
Director, Center for Genetic Muscle Disorders at the Kennedy Krieger Institute
Professor, Departments of Neurology and Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Research focus: Basic and translational research expanding knowledge and development of therapies related to genetic muscle disorders
Clinical specialty: neurology
Minnesota Muscle Symposium
Date: June 6, 2018, 12:30 PM
Host: David Thomas, PhD


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