Doctor of Medicine (MD)

You’re called to practice medicine.

Having an MD degree often sets your course in life. For four years you’ll be trained extensively in anatomy and physiology. You'll exhibit professionalism and leadership skills, interact with patients, and directly deliver care even before you graduate. After that, you’ll specialize in your chosen field as a resident, then possibly a fellow, and continue your education for years to come.

A lot goes into being a doctor, but you know that, and you’re ready for the challenge to start. Possibly, you’ve been ready for this your whole life.

As a doctor, you’ll be an important part of people’s lives—during good times and bad. Their expert, their ally, and their translator at every major point in the human experience. Relieving pain and making the world a better place is why you’re here, to learn about your options for medical school and decide when (and where) to take the leap.

At the University of Minnesota, we want students with a curious mind—a drive to know more—who are ready to practice medicine and devote their lives to service, care, research, and leadership. Our graduates go on to do incredible things. Our dedicated faculty and education staff work tirelessly to engage with students one-on-one to prepare them for the state of medicine today. And our two campuses in Minneapolis and Duluth offer distinct missions to help you find the best fit.

It’s a rapidly changing world for doctors, and we’re at the forefront, leading the leaders of tomorrow. We look forward to sharing our passion for the work that we do, and helping you realize your dream of becoming a physician.

Patient care


Duluth SIM Center

What we offer

An active learning model

Engaging, interactive classes foster creative problem-solving skills and teamwork. Clinical opportunities are available throughout Minnesota, preparing you for medical practice in rural or urban settings and to care for a diverse array of patients. Our graduates stand out as leaders prepared to manage and leverage expertise on cross-disciplinary teama signature of today's health care environment.

Research in Motion

We're driven to discover

We are deeply committed to the "Driven to Discover" motto that drives our University. Our students are encouraged to explore research opportunities and remain curiousnever practicing medicine by rotebut staying active and engaged with the care they provide each day.

Driven to Discover

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A variety of real-world experience options

Our MD program is flexible and designed to accommodate your unique interests and goals. Whether you know your calling already or need more time to decide which kind of doctor you'll be, we have a supportive faculty and a variety of real-world experience options to help make you a competitive residency candidateand get you to where you need to be.

Real World Learning

Commitment to lifelong learning

Our faculty are here for you as an undergraduate medical student, resident, and beyond. Our same commitment to excellence in learning and teaching applies to our clinical faculty, and our Office of Continuing Professional Development provides outstanding, hands-on learning experiences for practicing physicians throughout Minnesota.

Lifelong Learning

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