Research Strengths & Expertise

Research lab with hand in white glove and dropper in tubes with liquids

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School make major breakthroughs in medicine that affect us all.

Our research ranges from investigating the innermost workings of cells to analyzing health data at a population level. Our researchers, educators, and medical professionals thrive in an environment where cross-discipline teamwork is valued, encouraged, and rewarded.

In partnership with many biomedical and health science specialists across the University, our faculty work to untangle today’s biggest medical challenges and understand the underlying science behind them.

The topics listed are particular areas of strength and focus across the Medical School. Find more research topics our faculty engage in across the health sciences and through our departments and our centers and institutes.

Tackling some of the most difficult health issues facing Minnesota

Recognizing faculty excellence in scholarly publications

Our researchers thrive in an environment where cross-discipline teamwork is valued, encouraged, and rewarded

blood cells

Dating back to the world’s first successful bone marrow transplant in 1968, the Medical School is a leader in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

cancer cells

From cancer prevention to clinical trials and treatment, our strong tie into the National Cancer Institute-designated Masonic Cancer Center allows research to transition from the lab to real-world use in record time.

heart cells

Recognized for our pioneering series of firsts for heart research, we continue to make major advancements in transplants, biomedical devices, and other techniques for the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular defects and disease.

Diabetes slide

The Medical School's tremendous depth and breadth of diabetes clinical research has changed the way we understand, prevent, and treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

genome sequencing

Genetics is an important area of medicine today, and our experts are leading the way in engineering, mapping, and manipulation. 

green cells

Our research in this area is globally recognized, from discovering ways to prevent T Cell depletion in HIV to developing vaccines for infectious diseases to identifying RNA molecules for early cancer detection.

lung cells

From tobacco product research to pulmonary care and lung transplantation technology and trends, we are dedicated to lung health.

brain scans

We pioneer some of the world's most advanced magnetic resonance instrumentation and imaging techniques to help understand complex diseases.


Our brain researchers develop treatments and preventative methods that improve the lives of people with neurological conditions.