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Be a leader for the next generation of physicians, biomedical scientists, and health professionals.

Continuum of care

Physicians get more than an MD from the University of Minnesota Medical School. We're here to see students succeed and make good doctors great. Our programs are designed for all levels: high school, college, med school, residency, and practicing physicians.

You’ve got options

Students and professor using motion technology for learning and researchAt the University of Minnesota Medical School, we offer a variety of joint degree options, flexible program arrangements, and real-world experience opportunities so you can get the residency you want and be competitive moving forward in your career.

Prepare to meet faculty who are ready to help you succeed

Medicine is a swiftly changing field. Today’s physicians must be medical leaders and team players working toward the interprofessional 1Health model. That’s why our faculty give you the feedback and specific training you need to become excellent doctors while also developing your professionalism and collaboration skills.