Duluth Student Budget


Budget for Duluth Students

Year 1
(10.5 months)
Fall/Spring Summer (8 weeks)
Tuition $25,248
non-residents: $35,198
non-residents: $17,599
Estimated Average Fees 1,320 165
Books and Supplies 1,956 0
Room and Board 10,594 (average rent $700) 2,354 (average rent $700)
Transportation 880 268
Loan Fees 394 159
Personal/Miscellaneous 2,000 444
Total cost for 3 semesters: $58,406
non-residents: $73,331

non-residents: $52,342

non-residents: $20,989

Year 2 Fall/Spring  
Tuition $25,248
non-residents: $34,340
Estimated Average Fees 1,340  
Books and Supplies 2,656  
Room and Board 10,594 (average rent $700)  
Transportation 962  
Loan Fees 394  
Personal/Miscellaneous 2,000  
Total: $43,194
non-residents: $52,286

The Cost-of-Degree Tuition Policy provides a guaranteed tuition rate for all four years of the Medical School curriculum.

All fees are subject to change.

Budgets may be increased for dependent childcare.

If you have to purchase AHC Student Health Insurance, the cost of insurance will be added to your budget in the form of a loan. You must request the health insurance loan for it to be added.

*Note: Medical students from South Dakota are able to apply for tuition reciprocity. Students from Canada and other countries are considered non-residents. Learn more from the Office of Admissions website.