If a site is listed but has not provided information for upcoming SIM year, can I still request that site?

Yes, you can. If a site has not responded to our inquiries at time of registration and a student requests that site, we will contact them to see if they are willing to provide an internship.

How long after registration will I find out about my placement?

Can I be guaranteed a SIM placement?

Why is our stipend not always know prior to placement?

Do I have to locate/provide my own housing?

What expenses are involved?

Why does the site list only have the name of the town instead of the specific facility?

What information will the site need from me after I am placed?

What if I have trouble communicating with the contact person at the site I have been placed?

After my internship is completed, how do I receive my stipend if there is one to be paid?

Can I count on SIM for my summer job?

Is there a tuition charge for this course?

Can I do two internships?

How can I get the most out of my summer internship experience?

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