Wellbeing has far reaching effects on health, professional success, and overall happiness and additionally has been tied to capacity for empathy and resistance to burnout.

The University of Minnesota Medical School places a strong value on student, staff and faculty wellbeing and is striving to engage our community through innovative programming, incentives and scholarship allowing them the tools and vision to incorporate wellbeing concepts into daily practice for their own benefit and that of future patients.

Wellbeing Resources

Parks, Museums and Personal Environment Resources

Support Network, Partner, Family and Childcare Resources

Safety, Financial Security, Harassment, Mistreatment, Domestic Abuse, Equal Opportunity Resources

Community Events, Groups, and Activities

Professional Development, Spiritual and Religious Resources

Wellbeing Model has six parts: Health, Relationships, Community, Environment, Security, and Purpose. From the U of M Center for Spirituality & Healing, Dr. Mary Jo KreitzerWellbeing Committee

Medical student-led committee that creates activities and events to bring further awareness and engagement in wellness and wellbeing. Learn more about the Wellbeing Committee.

Wellbeing Challenge

A program to encourage students to reflect weekly on their wellbeing. The Twin Cities campus also has an incentive program.

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