Application and Reports


Application and due dates:

Flexible MD Application/Proposal

  • Your request will NOT be considered by the Flexible MD Oversight Committee until receipt of this completed form
  • Proposals MUST be signed by all required individuals.
  • Attach additional pages as needed.

At each meeting, the Flexible MD Overview Committee will review applications/proposals for experiences that begin during the next upcoming semester.

For Experiences starting: Submit Application for:
Fall semester
Senior year: Spring semester**
June meeting*
Spring semester October meeting*
Summer semester March meeting*

*For exact meeting dates, contact Scott Davenport,
** Applications from fourth year students will not be accepted after the June Committee meeting of their fourth year. Applications will not be accepted from senior students after residency match.

Reports and re-entry plan:

Submit by email or U.S. Mail to:

Scott Davenport
University of Minnesota Medical School
Office of Student Affairs
MMC 293
420 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455