Metropolitan Physician Associate Program (MetroPAP)


Explore health care in an urban setting

MetroPAP ParticipantsThe Metropolitan Physician Associate Program (MetroPAP) is a nine-month clerkship for third-year medical students who want to serve patients in urban communities. The program provides students with a strong clinical curriculum in an urban-based primary care practice and hospital.

MetroPAP students gain continuity experiences with patients, families, preceptors, staff, and the community—following patients through the hospital, clinic, emergency room, nursing home, and other venues of care. In this way, students see the impact of health and disease on the everyday lives of patients, as well as their families and communities.

“The faculty and residents quickly become familiar with a student’s strengths and weaknesses, yet provide a safe venue for them to continue honing strengths and improving upon weaknesses.”

—Former MetroPAP student

MetroPAP students learn to help those in need

“A lot of my friends had immigrant backgrounds, east African or Hmong, and we often had conversations about their experiences with the health care system,” says Vanessa Ozomaro, a former MetroPAP student. That upbringing convinced her that it’s important for patients to be comfortable with and able to communicate with their physicians.

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