Summer Internship in Medical Education

This is an opportunity for medical students to spend the summer between years 1 and 2 working on a medical education project while simultaneously gaining exposure to educational theory and practice. This is a great opportunity for students who want to explore medical education as part of their career pathway.


The summer experience will be divided between a scholarly project in admissions, medical school, residency, or continuing medical education and exposure to principles of medical education. Students will work under the supervision of a leader in medical education who may be a clinician educator or a PhD educational specialist.

The Project

The project will reflect a priority issue within the medical school’s Office of Medical Education (OME). The specific projects will be determined through discussions involving the selected students and OME leadership. Each student will work on a different initiative. Components of the project may include lit review, debriefings, presentation to OME leadership, reflection.

Medical Education Theory

Students will gain exposure through:

  • assigned readings on medical education
  • one on one meetings with faculty and educators
  • participation in meetings applicable to their project and to medical education operations
  • participation in the monthly OME journal club
  • student run journal club
  • weekly debrief meeting with the Director of Medical Education Development and Scholarship (MEDS)

Program Benefits

A $3,000 stipend for an 8-week, full-time (40 hours/week) summer education experience will be provided.

Selection of Students

Applicants must be University of Minnesota medical students in good academic standing who have just completed year one. Students from both Twin Cities and Duluth are encouraged to apply, however the cohort will be based on the Twin Cities campus.

Desired attributes:

  • Interest in medical education from a faculty/educator perspective
  • Interest in education research and scholarship
  • Ability to work independently

Applications will be reviewed by OME leadership. Any offer of employment is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.



  • CV
  • 2 references (letters are not required, just names)
  • Cover letter (< 1 page) that describes your interest in medical education.
  • If you have a project preference, please note this and provide rationale for your choice in your cover letter.

Contact Austin Calhoun for more information.

2018 Projects Coming Soon!


2014 Summer Project Participants

Jasvinder Singh: Admissions
Research into fast track programs that reduce time in medical school

Joe Bryant-Huppert: CPD
Developed Maintenance of Certification portfolio sponsorship application

Keyur Desai: GME
Project on professionalism, Situational Judgment Tests

Jennifer Nguyen: UME
Project on integrating public health/health policy into the UME curriculum