Domestic Away Rotations

Away Rotation Discernment/Basics
  • Away Rotation Basics and FAQ's - Start here.
  • Residency Program Director Videos - Scroll to the bottom of the page.  This is where residency directors from each specialty talk about what is needed in their specialty to be a competitive applicant for the Match.
  • Program Director Survey - Report that is put out by NRMP each year that gives information about what program directors are looking for with applicants from all specialties.  Includes information about the importance of away rotations.  Scroll down to bottom of the page for the links.
  • Advisor List
  • Specialty Mentor List - All of these doctors are happy to answer specialty specific questions and serve as mentors for students interested in their specialty.

Preparation for Applications

Apply for Away Rotations

  • VSAS Fees and FAQ
  • VSAS Application Instructions - coming soon (pending the combination of VSAS and GHLO)
  • What we verify for VSAS students - coming soon
  • For direct applications, please enter if they ask for an email for verification.
  • Once students have accepted away rotations, they should then fill out the UMN application form and upload it to the Elective Away for Credit BlackBag site to have it added to their schedules.

Attend Away Rotations

  • To receive a grade for the course, students must first upload a performance assessment to the Elective Away for Credit BlackBag site.
  • Students must complete an evaluation of their elective away in E*Value after the completion of their course.
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